Nando's at National Harbor

With such nice weather and visitors in town, we set off for National Harbor to take a stroll and do some window shopping. The kids had fun on 'the man in the sand' better known as The Awakening.
We also walked along the trail that connects to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and leads into Alexandria - lots of bikers and walkers out taking advantage of the sunshine.  We're looking forward to doing this trail ourselves sometime soon.

We ventured to Nando's for lunch and though we have been to a Nando's restaurant overseas, this was our first US experience.  I had no idea they had so many locations in the DC area.  We're big fans because the food has fresh ingredients with tasty grilled chicken - you can get salads, wings, wraps, up to whole chickens if you would like.  They are known for their famous Peri-Peri sauce and you can get a range of mild to spicy.  I think the hummus is excellent!  Also, I love that they have great, healthy kids meal options - grilled chicken, corn on the cob, apple slices, etc...  The kids meals also come with bottomless frozen yogurt as well - it was strawberry and so good the kids had seconds.  They offer a range of desserts but we passed after a full lunch. 

The atmosphere is very casual and open.  You go to the front to order your food and they deliver it to your table - a lot like Noodles & Company.  We were engrossed in conversation and lingered for a while after we ate and though they were extremely busy, no one ever pushed us to vacate or hovered over the table, which I appreciate.

Many of the restaurants at National Harbor are pricey for families who don't want to spend alot for a lunch so to have some options like Nando's, Potbelly's, Baja Fresh, Elevation Burger and Freshii are nice.  Nando's is more of a sit-down restaurant with plenty of space so it works well if you're a large party and want to have an inexpensive, casual, kid-friendly lunch at National Harbor without the fast-food feel. 
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