Charlie's Family Restaurant

When we first moved here someone told me Charlie's had the best food in Fort Washington.  It specializes in Greek and Italian fare - something for everyone and I love local, family-owned places.  We've been there a few times at this point and I must say - the food is awesome! 

We have had everything from the junior pizzas for the kids, a veggie calzone, the Spaghetti and Meatballs as well as the Grill Chicken Gyro.  The food is outstanding and the prices vary - the Junior Pizzas range from $4-$6 with an entree up to $12.  I have been wanting to try the Greek Pastitsio which is a Special but the Special prices are a bit on the high side for me - $15 or so. 

It's located in the Potomac Village shopping center at the intersection of 210 and Old Fort Road (the second Old Fort Road when heading south on 210)

The service is quick and pleasant and though you will find the restaurant is a quite small and busy, we've never gone when they couldn't accommodate us.  Though it could use some updating, the restaurant itself is relatively comfortable.
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