Silesia Carryout

One afternoon after leaving the Tucker Road Ice Rink, we stopped by Silesia Carryout to pick up a quick and easy lunch on the way home.  We were pleasantly surprised with a good lunch and very nice lady behind the counter.

Not being overly hungry we ordered 2 sandwiches off the menu between the four of us - an Angus burger and a Chicken cheesesteak.  It's a real hamburger - not the frozen patty kind and the chicken cheesesteak is a chicken breast with fresh toppings as you wish.

You can download the menu online and order ahead for a quick pickup.  They serve both breakfast and lunch with their hours starting at 7am.  I've heard their BBQ is good so it's on my list to try next time.  Overall I thought the food was good and our service experience was fast with a courteous attendant.  The place was busy too so it seems to be a favorite locals spot.

You can find them attached to Silesia Fine Wine & Spirits at:
10909 Livingston Rd
Fort Washington, MD 20744
(301) 292-2180
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